• Sun
    8:00 amDaley Plaza - 50 W. Washington St, Chicago, Illinois

    Cycling Adventure to Pullman Factory Tours

    Cycling Adventure to Pullman Factory Tours (Departing from Daley Plaza near the Picasso)

    Cost: $10 donation to the Historic Pullman Foundation.

    Once we arrive we will get an in depth walking tour of the Pullman Factory. A Walking tour of the neighborhood homes and architecture. Artist Ian Lantz will be leading Cycling Tour of the labor movement street art created by resident artist JB Daniels and Ian Lantz's Neighborhood Alley Art displayed on many of the beautiful neighborhood homes. As a bonus for those of us who arrive early enough we may get a game of Frisbee Golf in on the course that is built around the Pullman Factory Ruins.

    Sites we will see along the way and when we arrive

    - South Shore Cultural Center (1/2 Point Rest Stop)
    - Future site of the Ore Wall Garden
    - South Chicago Velodrome
    - Pullman Factory Complex
    - Pullman Clock Tower
    - Pullman Market Square
    - Greenstone Church
    - Surrounding Neighborhood

    Check out the bicycling options below, and let's ride to Pullman!

    Option 1: 40 Mile Round Trip Cycling Option
    Bike both ways with the group departing from Daley Plaza returning to Buckingham fountain. Meet at Daley Plaza (Near the Picasso) at 8:00am, departing at 8:15 sharp. We will take a quick 1/2 mark break at South Shore Cultural Center. After Pullman tours, ride back with the group. (please only choose this option if your are experienced at riding 40+ miles and have a capable bike)

    Option 2: 20 Mile One Way Trip Cycling
    Bring your bike on the train and bike back with the group. Catch the 10:30am Metra Electric from Millennium Station to 111th St (flag stop). Ride directly to Pullman Factory (2 blocks) as you'll have just enough time to get in the gates. After tours, ride back with the group. (please only choose this option if you are experienced at riding a 20+ mile ride and have a capable bike)

    Option 3: < 5 Mile Cycling and Ride the Train Both Ways
    Bring your bike on the train and just ride around Pullman with us. Catch the 10:30am Metra Electric from Millennium Station to 111th St (flag stop). Ride directly to Pullman Factory (2 blocks) as you'll have just enough time to get in the gates. After tours, catch the 4:23pm Metra Electric from 111th St to Millennium Station.

    Please make sure you have a spare inner tube, patch kit, water bottle, and your tires are filled to the maximum capacity to reduce the risk of pinch flats.

    There will be a safe and secure place to lock up our bikes within the factory complex. (The Willy Wonka gates close at 11am to lock up your bike within the facility)

    We will also have a quick lunch at The Pullman Cafe.

    Here is a link to check up to the minute train times.


    *Bikes are allowed on the trains but please bring a bungee type cord to secure your bike from moving.

    Other related links.....

    The Pullman Factory Walking Tour FB Page

    Pullman Factory

    Hotel Florence

    JB Daniels and Labor Movement Street Art

    Pullman Cafe Yep Reviews

    South Shore Cultural Center Website

    Save the South Chicago Velodrome FB Page

    Ore Wall Garden future development info

    Look forward to seeing everyone out there for an awesome biking and adventure.

  • Sun
    8:00 amKwanusila Totem Pole 3510 N Recreation Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60657

    Bike to the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park + Canoeing to Baha'i Temple

    Cost: $25 per person. (Covers Canoe Rental)
    Registration: http://meetu.ps/e/BTJlG/tHfB6/a
    Date: Sunday September 4th
    Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm
    Average Speed: 10 MPH

    Bike from the Totem Pole on the Lake Front Trail @ Addison St. down Lawrence Ave., then up the North Shore Channel Trail through the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park. We will continue our Cycling Adventure to the Evanston Community Center. We will then take a guided canoeing trip facilitated by the Evanston Ecology Center up the North Branch of the Chicago River to the Baha'i Temple and back.

    Point of Interest along the way...

    North Branch Pumping Station

    North Branch Damn (Chicago's mini Niagara Falls)

    Sculpture Park

    Evanston Ecology Center/Arboretum

    We will break up to have lunch on Center Street in Evanston at the location of your choice. Here are a couple food recommendations.

    Backlot Coffee

    Prairie Joe's

    There are also several specialty shops you can visit on Center Street as well.


    Time Table:

    8:00am Depart from the Totem Pole
    9:30am Arrive at the Evanston Community Center to lock up our bikes and for a short break
    10:00am Canoeing Orientation and Departure
    12:00pm Arrive back from Canoeing Trip
    12:15 Bike to Evanston Center Street for lunch
    2:00 Bike back down the trail to spend time viewing the sculptures and take photos.
    4:00 Depart back to Lake Front Trail.
    5:00 Arrive back at Totem Pole


  • Sun
    9:00 amDaley Center 50 W Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602

    Biketropolis Cycling Tour of Canaryville, Bridgeport, & Pilsen

    Come join the next Biketropolis Cycle Tour where we'll be exploring a new batch of Chicago's hidden gems through some of the historical neighborhoods that shaped Chicago in it's infancy of the metropolis we now live in.

    Distance: 25 Miles Round Trip

    Skill level: Easy/Moderate ride / No drop

    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and a camera

    St. Charles Airline Bridge - Get up and personal with this 1919 Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge which spans the Chicago River.

    Ping Tom Memorial Park - Dedicated In honor of a successful Chinese Businessman and Civic leader. This park borders Pilsen and Bridgeport. From this vantage point we observe great views of the Amtrak "vertical lift" Bridge, the South Bank of the Chicago River and what lays ahead of this amazing Adventure Cycling Tour.

    Union Stockyard Gate - The main entrance of the meatpacking district for more than a century, starting in 1865.

    Chicago Fireman Monument - Erected to honor 21 Firefighters that were killed while combating the blaze of the Chicago Stock Yards Dec. 22nd 1910.

    Canaryville Little League Baseball Stadium - Witness how this community takes little league seriously and see this MLB quality baseball diamond built for the little ones.

    Valley Of The Shipping Containers - Bike amongst the giants through an almost endless valley of shipping containers.

    Testa Produce Windmill - Visit the first and largest free standing wind turbine, solar panel installation, and an amazing 45,000+ square foot vegetative roof in Chicago.

    The Bridgeport Art Center - View the latest creative art installation along the outdoor Sculpture Garden.

    The Parallelogram House - This house is without any 90-degree angles originally built on the old grid pattern which followed the rivers natural flow predating Burnham's rectangular grid system of Chicago.

    Palmisano Nature Park (Guided Audio Tour) - Incredible 27 acre site on the southwest side. It has transformed from prehistoric coral reefs to quarry to landfill to a gorgeous park with amazing views and perspectives of the city.

    Bridgeport Coffee - Coffee or Lunch

    Benito Juarez Plaza - This plaza is a collection of statues commemorating iconic Mexican leaders throughout history.

    Canal Origins Park - Walks us through prehistoric to present day timelines of the Illinois & Michigan Canal.

    Canalport River Walk - A little know Southside river walk and bike path that's located along the Chicago River and the main entry point of the of our final main stop.

    Damen Silos - Once one of the main grain silos of its time currently abandoned, was a movie set for Transformers, and now remains the breeding ground of a living street art experiment along the exterior and many interior walks of its many catacombs.

    Pilsen Mural Wall - The railroad line along 16th street is interwoven with numerous artist’s murals, graffiti, street art, and mosaics.

    Simone's (Optional) - We will end the ride at Simone's where we can enjoy a beverage and or food.

    Safe riding!

  • Sun
    8:00 amDaley Plaza - 50 W. Washington St, Chicago, Illinois

    Bike to the Big Marsh Opening Ride

    Be part of cycling history and bike the Big Marsh on the Opening Ride. We are planning on connecting up with larger group that is leaving from the A Phillip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum and bike up to the Big Marsh to enjoy the landscape and newly built triails. We will play at the bike park for a couple of hours and start our journey back to the Lake Front Trail around 2:30pm

    Day: Sunday November 6th
    Distance Round Trip: 40 Miles
    Skill level: Skill level: Moderate ride / No drop
    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and a camera
    Where: Daley Plaza - 50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

    We will leave Daley Plaza to meet up with a larger group at the Pullman Porter Museum to bike with them to the Big Marsh

    Time Line

    8:00 am Meet at Daley Plaza for further Instructions and Safety Check
    50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

    8:30 am Roll to the A Phillip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum
    10406 S. Maryland Ave. Chicago, IL 60628

    10:00 am Hang out with the larger group and we will follow their lead the rest of the way to the Big Marsh to ride on the trails opening day.

    12:00 pm Start the actual ride at the Big Marsh
    11599 S. Stony Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60617

    2:30 pm we will meet at a agreed upon location that day to start making our way back to the Lake Front Trail

    5:00pm Finish


  • Fri
    7:00 am3600 N Recreation Drive, Chicago IL. 60613

    Bike To The Big Marsh Bike Park

    We will be leading a ride to the Big Marsh to help support our fellow cycling Friends of Big Marsh and for those who are interested in biking to REI’s #OptOutside event. Wether you would like to go on a guided nature walk, participate in a race, cheer on a race, or explore the new bike park, this will be a great Adventure Cycling opportunity for all.

    Distance Round Trip: 40 Miles
    Skill level: Skill level: Moderate ride / No drop
    Speed: 12-14 MPH
    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, lights, hydration, snacks, sandwiches, and a camera
    Dress Code: Layers

    Start 7:15 - 3600 N Recreation Drive, Chicago IL. 60613 (Near the tennis courts)

    We will also have 2 intermediate pick up points (roll on arrival) for everyones convenience and 2 departure times returning back from the Big Marsh. We expect to arrive at the Big Marsh before 9:45 am.

    8:00 am Pick up point #1 - Museum Campus Overlook 1200 S. Lake Shore Drive (In front of The Shedd Aquarium)

    8:30 am Pick up point #2 - The New 35th Street Bridge

    Arrive 9:45 am Big Marsh - 1958 E 116th St, Chicago, IL 60617

    Early Return Departure Time by 1:00 pm (Near the Restrooms)

    Late Departure Time by 3:00 pm (Near the Restrooms)

    If you want to sign up for the nature walk or a race please use this following link. https://www.bikereg.com/optoutside-at-big-marsh