• Sat
    2:30 pmDaley Plaza (Under the Picasso)

    Art Deco Twilight Cycling Tour

    Grab your favorite bicycle and come explore the bountiful Art Deco architecture woven into the fabric of the city. Chicago's Art Deco architectural details are usually hiding in plain sight and often overlooked by passersby. Bicycling during twilight will set the stage for astounding views of Chicago's architecture and deliver a new experience for adventure cyclists. Experts from the Chicago Art Deco Society and Preservation Chicago will ride with us on this tour to give you information and share some preservation stories about the many Art Deco buildings we will be visiting. The tour will include access to some of the buildings, plus viewing of facades, fountains and much more.

    Date: Saturday, May 18th.
    Time: 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm
    Cost: $35 (Portion donated to Preservation Chicago).
    Registration Link: https://artdecocyclingtour.eventbrite.com
    Departure Location: Daley Plaza under the Picasso (50 W. Washington St.)
    Food Break Location: Ipsento 606 + Empanada Bike along the 606 at Milwaukee Ave.
    End Point: Palmolive Building (159 E. Walton Pl.)
    Approximate Distance: Approximately 20 miles
    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way.
    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.
    Gear: bike, lock, lights, helmet, hydration, snacks, camera, and cash for food.

    If you are interested in taking a deep dive into the city's Art Deco designs, I recommend the Chicago Art Deco Society's highly anticipated book, which is now available. https://www.chicagodeco.org/book

  • Sun
    8:00 amSpoke & Bird (South Loop)

    Pedal to Pullman Cycling Adventure

    Join Biketropolis as we cycle back in time to visit one of the first successful factory towns in the United States. Founded by railroad car mogul George M. Pullman in 1880, the town of Pullman was built around his belief that human beings are deeply influenced by their environment. He thought his workforce would be more productive when housed nearby and surrounded by culture and beauty.

    We will meet at the Spoke & Bird and start off the tour in the Prairie Avenue District, where Pullman’s massive family residence once stood. Our first stop will be the National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, located across from the site of the Pullman Wheelworks Factory. The museum is named after the organizer and members of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the first African-American labor union in the country to win a collective bargaining agreement against a corporate giant, the Pullman Palace Car Company.

    Next we will bike to the Pullman Visitor Center and break for lunch. Afterward, we will begin a docent-led walking tour to learn about local architecture and the early residents of this unique neighborhood once dubbed “the world's most perfect town.” Before riding back downtown, we will pedal around the Pullman neighborhood to search for remains of the Labor Paste work created by local artist JB Daniel and roam some back alleys to find Ian Lantz’s bedazzled garage doors and Nick Lubovich’s surprising art installations.

    Date: Sunday, June 2, 2019.
    Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Cost: $35 (includes museum admission and walking tour).
    Registration link: https://pedaltopullman.eventbrite.com
    Departure location: Spoke & Bird (205 E 18th St, Chicago, IL 60616).
    Lunch options: The Pullman Cafe, Potbelly Sandwich Shop. (Please bring debit/credit card, cash, or feel free to pack your own lunch and enjoy while relaxing at Arcade Park.)
    Total distance round-trip: 40 miles.
    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way.
    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.
    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, camera and snacks.

    If you would like to help one of Pullman’s favorite non-profits Share Your Soles Foundation  please bring a pair of lightly used shoes to donate to a great cause once we arrive.

    For more information about Share Your Soles Foundation please visit https://shareyoursoles.org/donate-shoes/

  • Sat
    9:30 amChicago History Museum North Avenue & Clark Street

    Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains Cycling Tour

    Join Biketropolis and one of Chicago’s top authors, Greg Borzo, as we tour the fabulous fountains decorating our vast city. Learn the history and architectural importance of these "water tossers"—often in plain sight but sometimes hidden within the jumble of skyscrapers, parks, museums and neighborhoods. We will pedal to a great number 25+ of Greg’s favorites from his 224-page book, Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains. 

    Greg will also provide us with details about each fountain's history and significance, as well as stories about the water features that we walk and ride by every day.

    Date: Saturday, July 27th, 2019.

    Time: 9:30 am to 4 pm

    Cost: $35.

    Registration link: https://fabulousfountains.eventbrite.com

    Departure location: Chicago History Museum (in front of the fountain at North Avenue and Clark Street).

    Lunch: Spoke & Bird (205 E 18th St.).

    Total distance round-trip: 25 miles.

    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way.

    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.

    Gear: Bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and camera.

    Be sure to check out Greg Borzo’s latest book titled: Lost Restaurants of Chicago


  • Sun
    8:30 amDaley Plaza (Under the Picasso)

    Join Biketropolis and traverse the city by bicycle on this art tour highlighting Chicago's public murals, graffiti walls and other street decorations. Key points of interest include mural walls in the Pilsen and Fulton Market neighborhoods and at the Crawford Steel Company, as well as many hard-to-find art installations in between. Our route will include a visit with the artist Obe at the Crawford Steel Wall, where artists from all over the world participated in the three-day Meeting of Styles. We'll also meet up with Caesar Perez (Ava Grey Designs), who was recently commissioned by the Shedd Aquarium, at one of his murals. Capping off our tour will be an opportunity to witness an organized graffiti competition at the Battle of the Eagle with our friend Flash (Artistic Bombing Crew & Classic Cruisers), curator of Project Logan.

    Date: Sunday, August 4th, 2019

    Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

    Cost: $35 (Includes a donation to West Town Bikes)

    Registration Link: https://graffitiandgears.eventbrite.com

    Departure Location: Daley Plaza (under the Picasso).

    Lunch: The Empanada Bike

    Distance:  35 miles

    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way

    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.

    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and a camera.

    Graffiti and Gears

  • Sat
    9:00 amDaley Plaza (under the picasso)

    The History of Cycling in Chicago Tour

    Join Biketropolis, the Wheelmen and Chris McAuliffe, author of Cycling in Chicago (Images of America), as we pedal down memory lane to learn about our city's rich cycling history. We’ll start our journey at Daley Plaza, near locations where bicycling manufacturing once thrived, and discuss some of the top cycling events that took place in Chicago from the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. Throughout the tour, we will share and discuss vintage photos, product catalogs and brochures that help paint the picture of how popular cycling was during this time period. McAuliffe and Wheelmen member Carey Williams will share stories about this important time in history; and we will ride with Williams and his fellow Wheelmen, who will be on antique bicycles and dressed in period apparel. The carefully curated route will take us past the places where several prominent bike manufacturers and showrooms once stood, where indoor racing events took place, and along some of the routes of early outdoor-racing competitions.

    Date: Saturday, August 17th 2019

    Time: 9 am to 5 pm

    Cost: $35 (Includes a donation to the Wheelmen)

    Registration Link: https://historyofcycling.eventbrite.com

    Departure location: Daley Plaza (under the Picasso).

    Lunch: The Empanada Bike

    Total Distance: 35 miles

    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way

    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.

    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and a camera.

  • Sat
    8:00 amDaley Plaza (under the picasso)

    Cycle to the Givins Beverly Castle

    Join Biketropolis and Women Bike Chicago for a day of cycling that will help with preservation efforts (the castle needs major repairs to its turrets and facade; see additional photos). We will start by biking to the neighborhood of Beverly for a one-of-a-kind tour and multimedia presentation about Chicago’s Only Castle. Once we arrive, we will meet Errol Magidson, who wrote a book and produced a film about the building and its history.

    We will then be treated to a neighborhood tour led by Beverly resident Anne Alt, one of Women Bike Chicago’s founding members, to learn about the distinctive architecture of Beverly/Morgan Park. This trip also includes a visit to the Ridge Historical Society to learn about the geography and geology of the region. One highlight of the museum is a tribute to the late local cyclist Carl Spencer.

    Before we head back north, we will take a short ride along the Major Taylor Trail and visit the recently installed mural that vividly portrays the career and accolades of the inspiring African-American cyclist Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor.

    The return trip will take us to the Union Stockyard Gate, the main entrance of the meatpacking district for more than a century, and to the memorial sculpture erected to honor 21 firefighters who were killed while combating the 1910 blaze at the stockyards. Lastly, we will visit the Palmisano Nature Park, an incredible 27-acre site on the southwest side. It has transformed from prehistoric coral reefs to quarry to landfill to a gorgeous park with amazing views and various perspectives of the city.

    Date: Saturday, September 14th, 2019.

    Time: 8 am to 5 pm

    Cost: $35 (includes a donation to the Givins Beverly Castle and Ridge Historical Society).

    Registration Link: https://cycletocastle.eventbrite.com

    Departure location: Daley Plaza (under the Picasso).

    Lunch: Ellie’s Cafe (Ellie’s accepts cash, credit or debit—please check out the menu prior to the ride).

    Total distance round-trip: 35 miles.

    Average speed: 10-12 mph with rest stops planned along the way.

    Skill level: Moderate ride/no drop.

    Gear: bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks, camera.